7 September 2016

My lunar sketches

Here's my best moon sketches, classified by year and optical instrument.

This was one of my first moon sketches, made with my 50mm refractor.

Some works made in 2012 with my 114mm newton.

Moon terminator.


 Alphonsus, Arzachel and Ptolemaeus.

 Atlas and Hercules.

Teophylus, Cyrillus and Catharina.

Gassendi crater and something dark that passed in front of it, probably a bird, but that evening i tought it was a satellite.

Copernicus crater

Some months later my tecnique was slightly better, as I started experimenting with different types of pencils.

Hercules and Atlas.

Barrow crater and a beam of light crossing its dark floor.

Dawn over Hipparcus and Albetregnius.

 Clavius and its many secondary craters.

Aristarchus and surroundings. 

Cassini crater.

Copernicus crater: much better than the first sketch i made of it! 

In 2014 I finally got my new telescope, and moon showed many more interesting details.

 Gassendi crater again: there are so many lava channels!

 Sinus Iridum is one of my favourite moon formations, it's simply breathtaking.


The magnificent Copernicus crater with a 8'' SC and a good seeing.

Recently I tried full disk sketches, drawing the whole moon as I saw it in the eyepiece: it's really hard to sketch all those details, but I love the results!

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